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About OFM
What is OFM?


Orofacial myology (OFM) is a specialised discipline used by dental and speech professionals in order to evaluate and treat a variety of oral, facial and postural functional disorders.


Why do we need this therapy?


If you mainly breathe through your mouth this could mean your tongue sits low instead of in the palate

  • You may feel tired

  • You may have a dry mouth

  • You may wake at night thirsty

  • Your overall healthy sleep may be lacking

  • Your posture could be forward

  • You may have pain

  • You may need assessment for orthodontic treatment

  • Your orthodontic needs may be at a stand still because of your tongue posture


We as humans are designed to be nasal breathers my job
is to help you find a way to achieve this through a gentle but committed exercise programme. You could call me
your “PT for the tongue”


Your child can benefit from an OFM assessment before you decide on orthodontic treatment (you should be aware of tongue posture).


Thumb or digit sucking can be addressed & a personalised programme developed, ideally before your child starts primary school.


If, however your child is already receiving orthodontic treatment you may be referred to me for tongue posture correction to help finish treatment.

Your first OFM appointment


An assessment is made at the first appointment & any possible referrals to other Professionals is discussed, plus your first OFM exercises plus your next appointment.


We work with:

  • ENT’s

  • Sleep Doctors

  • Allergists

  • Speech therapists

  • Orthodontists & Dentists

  • Psychiatrists/Psychologists


You will be consulted on:

  • Airways

  • Tongue posture

  • Physical posture

  • Dental overview

  • OFM exercises


If left untreated, problems resulting from a thumb sucking habit can lead to costly orthodontic treatment. 

About Leanne

Leanne is a registered practicing Dental Therapist with more than 20 years' experience...

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