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OFM – A Gentle Way to
Stop Thumb Sucking Habits

How to stop your child from thumb sucking and prevent a defective bite.

Reasons to seek help from
an Orofacial Myologist


Most children stop sucking their thumb or fingers before they are 3-4 years of age this includes dummies, blankies or anything that could cause a defective bite. 


If children are 4 years of age and over, this habit can begin to cause problems which are
social as well as physical. Kicking the habit before starting primary school is the aim.

What Problems Can a Thumb Sucking Habit Cause?


Prolonged thumb sucking can lead to:

Protruding teeth – over bite or open bite
Speech problems – lisp
Breathing – mouth breathing instead of nose breathing
Tongue – low and forward tongue position instead of high in the palate
Why Seek an Orofacial Mylogist?
Thumb Sucking Effects

How Does an OFM Session for Thumb Sucking Work?


Your first visit to an Orofacial Myologist will assess face, teeth, posture and breathing.
We will discuss gently, how to help your little one overcome this emotive time and we
will make it fun!


Parental involvement is paramount to your child's outcome, however I am only a call
away when things get tough. I am based in Taren Point but mobile for busy families.

The key is to ACT EARLY!

If left untreated, problems resulting from a thumb sucking habit can lead to costly orthodontic treatment. 


Through positive reinforcement techniques, using various tools and reminders, I can help your child break the habit.

Get in touch!
A Typical OFM Session
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